Daily Nutrition & Immune System Support

Do you have balanced nutrition? A healthy Immune system? Both can be compromised by diet, lifestyle, environment, age and other factors. Food Research’s natural whole food products are rich in antioxidants and formulated to boost your daily nutrition and fortify and maintain a healthy immune system.

Please note these supplementation packs are not intended to diagnose, cure or prevent specific conditions for all users, or to replace a healthy diet. Please consult your Health Care Professional to determine what will work best for you.
Cal-Mag Complex (Calcium Magnesium)
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Cal-Mag Complex (Calcium Magnesium)

Cal-Mag Complex (Calcium Magnesium)

Contains food Calcium Contains food Magnesium Food nutrients are better absorbed Calcium and Vitamin D help prevent osteoporosis Cal-Mag Complex is a 100% vegetarian Food supp...


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